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Harlingen, surrounded by the green fields of Friesland, is a dynamic, historic harbour city with a vast skyline, dramatic sunsets and Blue Ocean.

vuurtoren     With its beautiful canal buildings, it has a strong connection with the sea and shipping. From the north harbour to the south harbour, the city itself ebbs and flows with the tide. Cargo ships from Russia, Scandinavia and England, ferries to Terschelling and Vlieland, cutters, clippers, pleasure yachts and fishing boats add to the liveliness of the harbours.

Dry docks, shipping cranes and warfs make up the skyline of Harlingen.

The age-old centre includes many monuments such as old warehouses, the Town Hall, towers, churches, canals and bridges. The old pattern of streets and alleyways dictates the character of this beautiful 800 year old town.

If you would like to explore Harlingen, there are many different city walks to choose from, including the "Vestdijk route", where you are guided past the places described in Harlingen born, Simon Vestdijk's books.